Media sharing

Sometime you can get excessive CPU when media sharing (WMPNetworkScv) is on.

This might be caused by a corrupt file.

Now this a hopeless case to investigated.


What you can try.

Make one directory e.g. C:\sound

In WMP point both Library and Rip folder to C:\sound

Stop media sharing

Delete the old library

Reboot (the magical MS reset)

Start WMP

Enable media sharing

Keep your fingers crossed.


I’m inclined to say that with an empty library (and hopefully) media sharing now pointing to this new library only, CPU should rapidly drop to 0.


If this is true, now you are in for the tedious part.

Drag/drop a bunch of files to C:\sound

The media sharing should kick in but not too long, repeat until you get the same problem.

Open the Resource Monitor, choose disk and watch the files pass by

Maybe this is the trick to detect a corrupt file