Media Players

Tried a couple of players using my smart phone.
As I am into classical, I want to play compositions not albums or random tracks.

Titles in classical are in general descriptive and therefore long.
The simple question is can you read them?


The Android world is a bit different from the Win world.
Media players in Win in general have a database of their own.
Most Android media players use the media server supplied by Android.


One day I decided to clear the music on SD card and start afresh with a sync from my PC to the phone.
I did do using the Win file system to delete all the audio on the SD card.
After the sync I had duplicates in the media player.
Used to Windows media players, I start looking in the settings. There must be a setting somewhere telling the media player where to look for the audio.

This setting simply doesn’t exist. The player uses the media server that is part of Android.
Next question: how to force this media server to do a rescan.
Couldn’t find the answer on the Internet but in the process I found a work-around.
Simply dismount the SD-card and mount it again.
This triggers the media server to do a rescan.