Text processing

Text processing offers all kind of options to format your tags or populate them with information from other tags


A simple copy from one tag to another or a swap



Deriving the catalog from the composition is a breeze.

It is done with a Regex and if needed you can modify it.

Roman numerals

Movements are often pre-fixed with roman numerals.
CHI allows you to convert from roman to numeric and back.

If needed you can add a leading zero if you have a media player that doesn’t support smart sorting.

If you have more than one number in the text, CHI kindly asks you which one you wish to convert.


You can number movements and format the number in one step.


Wildcards are a very simply means to subtract portions of a text.


Translate the key

Sometimes audio comes tagged like "Concerto BWV974 in D-m".

I don't like this D-m, I want D-minor.

Translate from English to French.

I want to have it in English

Translate it from French to English

There is my "D-minor".

Action list

Often you have to repeat a lot of actions.
Simply save the actions of the text processor in an action list.

Next time you can execute them all at once.