Virtual Tags

Virtual tags are tags calculated on the fly.

They are not stored in the files.


You can display them like any other tag.


In classical you often have the same composition by different performers.

To keep them apart I created a virtual tag "Composition Recorded".



In Customize Panel choose this as grouping header

E voila


It works nicely but the result is a bit longish.

Lets use the lastname of the composer only.

Thats not to difficult, use the split function.


Hence you get Bach.

Nice but I have Carl Philipp Emanual, Wilhelm Friedemann.

This can be solved by $If


$If(<Composer>="Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788)","Bach CPE",
$If(<Composer>="Bach, Johann Christian (1735-1782)","Bach JC",
$If(<Composer>="Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich(1732-1795)","Bach JCF",
$If(<Composer>="Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann (1710-1784)","Bach WF",
$If(<Composer>="Couperin, Louis (c1626-1661),Couperin L,
$If(<Composer>=Couperin"," François (1668-1733)Couperin F",
$If(<Composer>="Scarlatti, Domenico (1685-1757)","Scarlatti D",
$If(<Composer>="Stamitz, Carl (1745-1801)","Stamitz C",
$If(<Composer>="Stamitz, Johann (1717-1757)","Stamitz J",
$If(<Composer>="Strauss, Richard (1864-1949)","Strauss R",
$If(<Composer>="Tchaikovsky, Boris (1925-1996)","Tchaikovsky Boris",
$If(<Composer>="Schumann, Clara (1819-1896)",Schumann-Wieck,

You can do the same for the performers.

This is the artist tag and it contains multiple values.

Use the $Split to split them in separate values and Split again using the comma to get the last name.


Repeat this for the 2,3 etc artist.

I like a / as a separator between them.

Test if the artist exist, if so add it with a slash.


E voila!