MusicBee is developed by Steven Mayall.

It is freeware.

According to the website

MusicBee makes it easy to organize, find and play music files on your computer, on portable devices and on the web.

  • Organize music files and edit tags in your library with a powerful and easy to use interface.

  • Have new music files automatically added to your library from monitored folders, with the option to tag the files from an Inbox beforehand.

  • Securely rip CD tracks as individual files or as a single album with embedded cuesheet, and with validation.

  • Automatically look up Album Art, Lyrics and tag other metadata from the web. Have a track identified using its digital sound signature.

  • Play MP3, FLAC, Vorbis, WMA files and optionally have tracks scrobbled to Play the web - playlists are created from MP3 blogs you visit.
  • Play and Sync iPods and MP3 players, converting and levelling tracks on-the-fly.

  • Create dynamic playlists based on your own rules.

  • Have the Auto-DJ create a playlist for you and discover new music tracks from the web (or old ones from your collection you have forgotten about!)


Scanning a 20.000 plus collection and displaying the artwork took about 20 minutes.

Scrolling or searching this collection is fast.

Obvious the size of this collection is not a problem.

Excellent performance.


A forum with active participation of the developer is available.
Forum includes Bug Reports and  a Wishlist.

Beta’s with bug fixes are released almost weekly.


Couldn't get WASAPI to work over SPDIF on my Benchmark DAC1

Posted the problem on the forum and within a couple of day I had a version that works.

Very responsive.


MusicBee on Head-Fi