Streaming audio player

When I started this website in 2008, streaming audio players were rare.
Startup’s like Slimdevices and Sonos made streaming audio popular.

Sonos Zoneplayer 90 (2008)


Squeezebox classic


In the beginning this was most of all internet radio.
This technology could also be used to stream your own collection from a server  in your home network.
Today streaming has become main stream. Spotify, Todal, Qobuz, Amazon, Apple music just to mention a couple, offer streaming services.
Almost all major audio brands have streamers in their assortment.
A very popular platform is the Raspberry PI





Check if a player supports gapless playback.
Nothing as annoying as some white space in a live album or in case of classical between two movements played as one.

Advance Acustic WTX-Microstreamer 149,-

UPnP over WiFi

Added 2021