AutoEQ is a project for equalizing headphone frequency responses automatically and it achieves this by parsing frequency response measurements and producing a equalization settings which correct the headphone to a neutral sound. This project currently has almost 2000 headphones covered. AutoEQ is not just a collection of automatically produced headphone equalization settings but also a tool for equalizing headphones for yourself.


Sources are published on Github

EQ Settings for 700+ Headphones - Jaakko Pasanen



EQ settings for a plethora of headphones.
Most of them are settings to tune the headphone to the Harman response curve.




A mix of measuments and opinions.

Bit like former Innerfidelity.

You can make comparisons using the Graph Comparison Tool but you have to pay.


HeadRoom is a online retailer selling headphones.

They have measurements of many headphones.

You can build your own graph selecting up to four models.
Unfortunately, this tool is no longer available.


Beside a subjective listening test, Tyll Hertsens always publish measurements for the headphone at test.


In 2018 AVTech Media Ltd (UK) acquires Home Tech Network.

Pretty soon after that , Tyll left Innerfidelity.

Innerfidelity was turned into a lifestyle oriented website full of the normal audiophile nonsense. In 2020 Innnerfidelity was terminated.

Tyll's legacy can be found here.


Reviews and measurements.


A site that reviews  al kind of electronics including headphones.
You can compare headphones as well.


MiniDSP EARS $159

SImple but affordable headphone and IEM measurment rig.


  1. The place to discuss headphones for subjectivist.

  2. Effin' Ringin' - Headphone Measurements: Frequency Response and CSD Waterfall Plots
  4. DIY-Audio-Heaven