Audio Video Bridging

AVB (IEEE 802.1BA) is part of the open standard IEEE 802.1 standard.

It allows for time-synchronization of endpoints and real-time, low latency delivery of audio/video.
As it is open it might get a broad support.
At the moment AVB is used in professional applications but it might come to the consumer world.

Ethernet AVB over Ethernet delivers:

According to Harman the advantages are:

AVB is part of Mac OS X from Yosemite on.

AVnu Alliance

The AVnu Alliance is an industry forum dedicated to the advancement of professional-quality audio/video by promoting the adoption of the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging (AVB), and the related IEEE 1722 and IEEE 1733 (which extends RTP for use on AVB) standards over various networking link-layers. The organization will create compliance test procedures and processes that ensure AVB interoperability of networked A/V devices, helping to provide the highest quality streaming A/V experience.


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