More and more manufacturers of mobiles starts dropping het 3.5 headphone jack.
Indeed, without this jack it is easier to make the mobile waterproof.
Another trend is replacing the micro USB connector with a USB-C connector.

Although USB audio is not mature on Android, it is possible to connect a DAC to the USB C.


Moshi 24 bit / 192 kHz USB DAC - € 25.00



This is what one expects, a digital bus hence a DAC build into the connector to convert digital to analog.


Google USB-C Digital to 3.5 mm headphone adapter - $9


A fully analog adapter.
The 24 pins USB-C allows for analog audio!

The device must set the bus in Alternate mode to obtain this.

Obvious, USB-C is the most analog sounding digital bus!


3.5mm audio vs USB Type-C: the good, bad and the future - Robert Triggs

USB-IF Publishes Audio over USB Type-C Specifications - Anton Shilov 2016