Active speakers

Onda Ligera Wave 36A $2,700.00


  • Type 2-way active speaker system
  • Acoustic design Closed box
  • Components LF: 152 mm (6 in), paper diffuser, 38 mm (1,49 in) voice coil, X - 8mm, max MID/HF: Visaton B80
  • Amplifier Hypex AS2.100d
  • Frequency range 30 - 22000 Hz ± 2 dB
  • Crossover 200 Hz
  • Dimensions 12×35×25 cm
  • (W×H×D)
  • Nett weight 6 Kg


Added 2015



Active wireless speakers.
By design active speakers needs power to drive the built-in amps.
Opalum has a very specific solution.
The speakers are fed (24 V) by a dual wire connected to a hub.
The signal is transferred over the same wire.
You can connect the speakers parallel or daisy chain them.

The hub takes care of the connectivity.
Analog and SPDIF inputs
Wireless B/g with Airplay and DLNA.