Active speakers

La Boite concept LD130 1,180

Active 2.1 with built-in USB DAC

Libratone Beat €699,00





Wireless active speaker.

Probably a 2.1 system in a singe enclosure.

Price € 699,00 (piece)
Frequency Response Frequency range: -6 dB @ 50 Hz and -3 dB @ 20.000 Hz.
Max. output: 100 dB SPL/1m
Drivers 1x5" bass, 2x3" midrange and 2x1" ribbon based tweeter.
Digital input

Plays audio from iPod, iPhone or iPad using the wireless 30-pin transmitter (range 10 m) or from a USB equipped MAC/PC using the wireless USB transmitter (range 30 m).

Analogue input

3.5 mm mini jack analog input.


1x50W bass, 2x25W tweeter/midrange



Dimensions H: 47 cm. W: 19.5 cm. D: 15 cm. Weight 6.5 kg.




Lenard Audio Sarabande

System 4-way active
Cabinet Circular box, isobaric (bass)
Price AU$ 10,000 (pair)
100 Watt amp for the tweeter (harmonics)
100 Watt amp for the 5 inch speaker (upper voice)
100 Watt amp for the 8 inch speaker (lower voice)
2 x 100 Watt amps for the 2 x 12 inch speakers (sub-bass)
Digital input


Analogue input RCA/XLR

Linkwitz-Riley 4th order time aligned

20 - 100 Hz

100 - 600 Hz

600 - 6000 Hz

6000 - 20000 Hz


Linkwitz Lab Orion

System Full-range open-baffle loudspeaker
Price Starting at $8200 (pair)

Tweeter - Seas T25CF002 - 1.4 kHz to 20 kHz

Midrange - Seas W22EX001 - 120 Hz to 1.4 kHz

Woofer - 2 x Peerless 10" XLS, 830452 - 20 Hz to 120 Hz 

Digital input


Analogue input yes

8 x 60 W power amplifiers - AT6012 recommended


3-way active Crossover/Equalizer

LR4 crossover filters (24 dB/oct acoustic)


DIY also possible.

ASP/crossover assembled and tested: $1030

Flat pack kit with everything needed to built the boxes, including wiring harness: $1300

Drivers: 4 tweeters, 2 mids, 4 woofers: $1850

12 channel ATI amp: $1800



Linkwitz Lab Pluto 2.1


Omni-directional 2-way

Acoustic frequency response: 60 Hz to 15 kHz

12 dB/octave roll-off below 60 Hz, Omni-directional radiation below 3 kHz

Price $2995
Cabinet 4 inch and 1.5 inch or equivalent metric PVC or ABS plumbing pipesend associated end caps, knees and pipe couplers
Digital input


Analogue input RCA?

Woofer amplifier 150 W peak, Tweeter amplifier 50 W peak

Crossover Equalized woofer and tweeter response, Crossover at 1000 Hz, LR4 (24 dB/oct)


DIY possible.

Subwoofers also available

Linkwitz Lab LX521

  • 4-way loudspeaker system with woofer, lower midrange, upper midrange and tweeter
  • 3-way ASP crossover/equalizer with LR4 filters at 120 Hz and 7 kHz,
    assembled on two ORION ASP printed circuit boards
  • Passive 1st order crossover between lower midrange and upper midrange at 1 kHz,
    located in base of midrange/tweeter baffle


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